Why Zionly


It's a lot easier to share a short and catchy URL than a long one, particularly when those long URLs contain random numbers in them. Which URL would you connect to in your presentation? Which URL would you need to tell individuals at a networking event when you come up short on business cards? Which URL would you like to put into a discussion when sharing some new thoughts?

Whenever you are sharing a link in an open setting, you ought to utilize a link shortening tool to enhance the beauty of the link and track the number of click-throughs.

Easy Affiliate Links

Zionly free link shortener now helps businesses to do the following but not only limited to these:-

Shorten URLs Easily and Quickly

Create links that are email-friendly with Zionly - custom URL shortener. Get tailored short URLs in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of your organization.

Track URLs with Detailed Analytics

Zionly’s URL tracking tool gives you statistics with one click Get reliable, measurable, fast & flexible, safe, and GDPR compliant results.

Administer and Manage URL

Edit or delete a URL. See your complete short link history with tools to control, channel, tag, search, and share URLs.

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Turn your links into robust tools to target your users in a better way. Zionly best link shortener is ideal for the sales and marketing of your brand. With its powerful and solid API, Zionly is your one solution to all the link shortening problems. Try Zionly and prepare yourself to get the best!

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