Every business is unique. Keeping this in mind, one of the most important things to do is to reflect your brand in your URL. But what happens when your URL is too long? People perceive it as a spam link and don’t even bother to open it. With Zionly URL shortener, you get short links so that the user will not hesitate to click open the link and see your business.

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Increase your customers with branded, custom, short links which you can share over social media platforms easily and leave your mark.

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Get legitimate and trusted links with you brand name to increase both the quality and quantity of your customers over every digital marketing channel.

Go Pro-Customer

Engage with your customers to provide them quick and easy solutions with short links, powerful analytics, and robust APIs.

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Get short links to market your business with your brand name and increase the trustworthiness with your domain name on the links.

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How It Works?


Increase customers by sharing short links over every social media and digital marketing platform


Get important statistical data and reliable results by tracking all your clicks with the URL tracking tool


Archive, edit, or delete your URLs with just a click. Get the complete history of your short link for proper management


Get your business name as the domain name for your short link and optimize it accordingly