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Zionly URL shortener makes it possible for organizations to create reliable, incredible, and identifiable links that magnify the effect of each digital drive. We want to position our software as a solution that puts your brand FIRST.


Zionly best link shortener believes in encouraging communication and understanding between your business and your clients with trusted and meaningful links.

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Paste your long URL in the space provided and click on “Shorten” button. Zionly custom URL shortener will process the command to do its calculation and will create short link for your brand.

Our link management solutions include:-

Branding: We increase the visibility and trust of your brand by including your brand name on every link that you share.

Collaboration: We use consistent strategy and cover departments, regions, and teams to share branded short links.

Integration: We can easily incorporate branded links into your existing processes, workflow and tools.

Tracking: We track your targeted audience through a detailed “click” statistics to understand SEO, SMO, email marketing, and ads.